ACRI-MAX is a one-component, water-based, gray, elastomeric resin-based elastic insulation material applied to make cement-based structures impermeable and resistant to chemicals.

✔ On all cement-based screed, plaster, gross concrete and plate,
✔ Generally in ceramic and under screed applications,
✔ On all surfaces where UV resistance is not required.

✔ Single component and easy to apply.
✔ High adhesion strength to cement based surfaces.
✔ Prevents carbonization on the concrete surface.
✔ Creates a jointless and seamless coating.
✔ Provides impermeability.
✔ Since it is elastic, it covers the micro cracks in the structure.
✔ Does not prevent steam passage.
✔ Provides a good appearance in terms of decoration.
✔ Prevents the corrosion of the reinforcement.
✔ Resistant to freezing-thawing.
✔ Can be applied on horizontal and vertical surfaces.
✔ Not harmful and flammable. Does not contain solvent.