QIS AK 70 is a water-based, acrylic resin-based curing fluid.

usage areas
On all vertical and horizontal concrete surfaces;

In the columns. Airport and field concrete. Concrete road applications. On industrial floors. Indoor and outdoor. Reinforced concrete floors. Parking lots, warehouse floors. Concrete with light colored surface hardener. In cases where the curing agent should not be an obstacle for later application to the concrete surface.

The strength of a concrete cured with QIS AK 70 increases by 20-25% compared to normal concrete. It prevents cracks that may occur during concrete curing. It reduces dusting on the concrete surface. Because it is water-based, it is not flammable and easy to use. Since the curing agent is impregnated by penetrating into the concrete, it does not leave a layer on the surface and does not constitute an obstacle for later coatings. For later applications on concrete, the surface does not need to be cleared of curing agent.