Bitumen rubber based waterproofing coating that can also be disposed with a single component machine.

● On all horizontal and vertical surfaces.
● On terraces, roofs and balconies.
● In foundation and curtain insulation.
● In the insulation of wet areas.
● Can be applied on concrete, aerated concrete, brick, screed, zinc, wood, metal, zinc, PVC.
● Repairing old bituminous membranes.
● In chimneys and metal gutters.
● In all kinds of reinforced concrete structures that may crack.
● For adhering thermal insulation plates.

● Has high elasticity. ( %one thousand)
● Does not contain solvents or harmful substances.
● Moisture and vapor proof.
● An ecological product.
● Jointless and seamless coating is made.
● Has high crack covering capacity.
● Easy to apply as it is a single component, ready to use material.
● Has high adhesion strength.
● Resistant to plant roots and microorganisms.
● Resistant to freezing-thawing cycle.
● Resistant to chemicals and salt solutions in the soil.