Bitumen rubber and cement based double component waterproofing coating.

● In the insulation of the outer surfaces of underground and aboveground structures against moisture, moisture, water and pressurized water.
● On terraces, roofs, balconies, foundations, curtains and retaining walls.
● In the insulation of wet areas.
● On concrete, brick, briquette, light concrete, plaster and screed surfaces.
● On protected building exterior surfaces.
● On the outer surfaces of the waste water channel.

● Has high elasticity and crack covering capacity.
● Does not contain solvents or harmful substances
● Ecological.
● Joint and seamless coating is made.
● Has high adhesion strength.
● Resistant to plant roots and microorganisms.
● Provides absolute insulation against soil moisture, moisture, water and pressurized water.
● Resistant to chlorine, sulphate, salt solutions, weak acids and substances found in normal soil.
● Resistant to freezing-thawing cycle.