QIS CRS provides permanent waterproofing on old and new cement-based surfaces, concrete and heap structures. Chemicals in the body of QIS CRS react in the applied structure and form insoluble crystals.

Water structures, Water tanks, Pools,  Water treatment plants,  Dams, Canals, Ports, Manholes, Sewer pipes, Concrete pipes, Retaining wall, Basement wall, Foundations, Underground floors, Construction joints, Grain silos, Floor parking lots, Roofs, Underground parking lots.

● QIS CRS effectively prevents the progress of water by crystal formation in capillary cavities containing water and provides a lifetime water impermeability to the structure.
● Prevents the formation of moisture in the applied structure.
● Prevents moisture and odor on moldy surfaces.
● Does not lose its reaction ability and the product comes alive with the moisture and water leaking into the concrete after years.
● Repairs capillary cracks in the concrete up to 0.5mm over time.
● Does not prevent breathing of concrete and does not block air and water vapor.
● Provides protection against aggressive chemicals such as chlorine and sulphate.
● Active substance does not dissolve and does not separate from the surface.
● Resistant to both positive and negative water pressure.
● Can be applied to interior and exterior facades.
● Not affected by ultraviolet rays and oxidation.
● Protects concrete and steel reinforcement from chemicals and prevents corrosion by increasing the PH value of concrete.

● As it is a part of the concrete structure, it does not rupture, puncture or wear.
● Can be used instead of water retaining tape in stationary construction joints and on fresh concrete for waterproofing of horizontal joints.
● Can be used in Shotcrete applications.
● Non-toxic and used in drinking water tanks.