QIS FLEXER FULL is a white cement and acrylic based, super elastic, two-component, improved UV resistant waterproofing material.

● Indoors and outdoors,
● In horizontal and vertical applications,
● In the insulation of balcony and walkable terrace roofs,
● In wet areas such as bathrooms and kitchens,
● In water tanks, cisterns and swimming pools,
● In foundation curtain insulation, retaining walls and basement insulation,
● In irrigation channels, manholes and concrete pipes,
● In facilities such as hot springs, Turkish baths and flower bed insulation.

●  Elastic, not shrink and crack.
●  UV resistant.
●  Provides safe applications in the waterproofing of terrace roofs that will not be covered under light load.
●  Easily applied with a brush, roller, trowel or spray machine on horizontal and vertical surfaces.
●  Provides seamless and jointless waterproofing.
●  Provides high performance waterproofing.
●  Water vapor permeable and allows concrete to breathe.
●  Non-toxic, ideal for drinking water tanks.
● Forms a perfect insulation layer under ceramic and screed thanks to its flexibility and high adhesion.
●  Protects concrete surfaces from carbonation and chloride.