QIS PF 70 is a water-based paraffin-based curing fluid. When applied to the concrete surface, it forms a thin layer and prevents rapid evaporation of the water in the concrete.

usage areas

On all vertical and horizontal concrete surfaces, especially on wide and open concrete surfaces exposed to external effects; airports, highways, bridges, dams, canals, retaining walls and terraces.


✔ The strength of a concrete cured with QIS PF 70 increases compared to normal concrete.

✔ Prevents cracks that may occur in concrete during curing.

✔ It reduces dusting on the concrete surface.

✔ Since it is water-based, it is not flammable and easy to use.

✔ It is more practical than other curing methods such as cross stitch, sack, irrigation.

✔ It is used in all indoor and outdoor areas.

✔ Has water repellency

✔ Resistant to UV rays.

✔ It is especially used in outdoor concrete.