It is a shock plug mortar that sets suddenly when combined with water.

It is used in places with all kinds of water leaks and currents, tunnels, water structures, water pipes, joints, repair of defects and holes in concrete, filling tie rod iron gaps, chamfering of corner joints in concrete, door and window edges, and assembly of non-load bearing elements.

● Provides water impermeability as a permanent part of the applied structure.
● Has high adhesion to the applied surface.
● Expands and hardens within 2-5 minutes.
● Insulation coatings can be applied on it within 15 minutes.
● Can be applied even in pressurized water currents.
● Does not crack thanks to its non-shrink feature.
● Does not contain chlorine.
● Does not harm steel reinforcement.
● Not toxic. It can be used in drinking water.
● Does not prevent the applied structure from breathing.
● Used on all horizontal and vertical surfaces.
● Not affected by freezing and thawing.
● Easy to use, only water is added.