QIS POLİMES HB is a 100% solid (solvent-free) hybrid polymer-based waterproofing coating that can be applied on wet floors at temperatures of – 5ºC and above, does not require a primer, is solvent-free, fast curing, easy to apply.

It is used in terraces and balconies, in the interior and exterior surfaces of basements, in the repair of cracks on the surfaces, in the interior and exterior surfaces of the interior and exterior facades, in the interior and exterior of the domes, in the roof hidden gutters, under ceramic water insulation, and in floor applications as a moisture barrier.

It can be applied directly without primer, fast and full curing, curing with new generation reagents, easy application due to low viscosity, formulation without plasticizer, breathable, high chemical resistance, can be applied between -5C and 35C. It can be applied on moist surfaces, can be applied on incompletely cured (minimum 4 days) fresh concrete.