QIS QLATEX is a synthetic rubber – latex based mortar additive for cement based plaster and repair mortars that prevents cracking, provides impermeability and high adherence to the applied surface and creates a strong and permanent bond.

usage areas

✔ In repair mortars; As an adherence additive in mortars prepared for repairing damaged concrete surfaces and plasters.

✔ In plaster mortars; As a contribution to the waterproofing and adherence of all kinds of interior and exterior plaster such as walls and ceilings.

✔ In coating mortars; As an abrasion resistant additive in mortars prepared for laying materials such as natural stone and brick.

✔ In ceramic and mosaic adhesive mortars; All kinds of ceramic, mosaic, etc. as an adherence enhancer in bonding applications.

✔ As an adhesive between old concrete and fresh concrete; To prevent cold joint formation and ensure good adhesion in fresh concrete applications on old concrete.

✔ As a bond strengthening additive in shotcrete; As a bonding agent, adherence and adhesion enhancer, insulating additive between old and new shotcrete coats in shotcrete applications.


✔ Mechanical strength (such as pressure, bending, impact, abrasion) of the mortar mixed with QLATEX liquid material increases.

✔ Reduces shrinkage and cracking.

✔ Provides impermeability and flexibility.

✔ Increases freezing-thawing resistance.

✔ It is not affected by high alkaline environments.

✔ It is not corrosive. It does not contain chlorine. It does not harm the reinforcement.

✔ It provides adherence of the mortar to surfaces such as concrete, glass, metal, wood, foam.

✔ Increases the resistance of the applied structure against chemicals and external factors.

✔ Provides insulation and adherence between layers in shotcrete.